Chromo 7" Tablet Google Android 4.4 review

Chromo 7 inch  Tablet Google Android 4.4 tablet review

Beautiful 7" Touchscreen Tablet for Games, Entertainment and Education
The Tablet comes preloaded with popular Apps like Netflix, Skype, GooglePlay, Chrome and more
The Chromo Inc® Tablet has 4GB of internal memory and is expandable up to 32GB of memory via Micro SD Card
The Tablet runs on the Android 4.4 Operating System and comes with popular useful features like Front Facing Camera (for Photos and Webcam/Skype,) WiFi (Internet Service required,) Speech and Sound Recording and more.

Bought Chromo 7 Tablet for my sponsored Child in need for Christmas. I love the size! Bigger than a touch screen phone yet smaller than an ipad and LIGHT! I Loaded it with music before wrapping and played with it a little to see how Chromo 7" Tablet worked. If your looking for an Ipad move on because for 50-60$ that's not what your getting. (Duh for those leaving poor reviews!) However Chromo 7" Tablet holds a decent amount of music and has an expandable storage! That is important because they are so cheep no (32 g for 30$). It was pretty speedy with internet and streaming movies on Netflix. Would highly recommend for a teenager or Child. Cute bright color options. Sound good without headphones! I really think this was a good deal. Works great as an MP3 Player that also has Wifi and good for basic searches and facebook.

Chromo 7" Tablet Google Android Con's:

-Has trouble staying connected to wifi.
-Slow response times.
-Poor quality camera.
-Won't unlock occasionally.
-Won't stay connect to PC.
-Poor battery life.

Chromo 7" Tablet Google Android last word about it

  Overall we both are completely satisfied with this product. I have rated it with 4 stars out of 5 simply because I have not had it long enough to give it 5. This does not in any way mean it does not deserve 5 stars, I just have to use it more!

Chromo 7" Tablet Google Android photos

Chromo 7" Tablet Google AndroidChromo 7" Tablet Google Android

Chromo 7" Tablet Google AndroidChromo 7" Tablet Google Android


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