ProntoTec Axius Series 7" Android 4.4 Tablet PC review

ProntoTec Axius Series 7" Android 4.4 Tablet PC

ProntoTec Axius is my first tablet, so I don't have much to contrast it with. This is chiefly simply a rundown of my perceptions. I did furnish a proportional payback tablet they sent me on the grounds that it would not charge whatsoever. This is a survey for its substitution. For one thing, my greatest protestations are as takes after:

1) It accompanied no direction manual past how to turn the gadget on and areas of data gadget ports.

2) It has loathsome Wi-Fi signal gathering (subtle elements underneath).

ProntoTec Axius Different perceptions:

- The picture is clear and brilliant (once you take the dainty defensive plastic off the screen - not the thick defensive spread it accompanies, however the slim, cloudy stuff that goes ahead generally gadgets).

- The touchscreen is delicate and exact.

- The sound is respectable, however utilizing earphones altogether builds sound quality.

- The cam isn't high def by any stretch of the creative ability and takes grainy pictures and is now and then hard to center, however the double cam capacity is valuable. In the event that you need this gadget to be utilized as your principle cam, continue looking. This is not for you.

- As said above, Wi-Fi signal gathering leaves much to be craved. My remote switch is in the core of my home and conveys flawless sign (different gadgets get 4 of 4 bars through my whole property). In any case, this gadget gets 3 of 4 bars of sign when it is sitting five inches from the switch. When I stroll around the bend, around four feet from the switch, the tablet drops to 2 of 4 bars of sign. When I move into a room, the tablet drops to 1 of 4 bars of sign, and now and again even that drops out. So essentially, in the event that you need to utilize this as a little portable computer, this is not the gadget for you. Continue looking.

- It additionally should not be slumbering to get upgrades or downloads. For example, when downloading an application, if the tablet sits sit without moving long enough to rest, the web association stops until I wake the tablet move down.

- Internet association is a bit moderate.

- Games and applications that don't oblige web association work well. Next to no slack, if any.

- Having Wi-Fi turned on channels the battery rapidly. In the event that it is turned on amid charging, the gadget won't charge.

- I did include a 32 gig SD card, and that assisted with capacity. I have very much a couple of applications which use up capacity rapidly.

- Playing feature (not looking at streaming - simply playing from capacity) lives up to expectations superbly fine. I utilized it as a feature player while on a street trek with my 4 year old child. The battery life was great. Feature quality was incredible. The picture was clear and there were no interferences.

- I like that included with the gadget was the divider charger, the usb connector, and a connector so that a usb gadget could be connected to the tablet, which could end up being exceptionally helpful.

Main concern: If you're searching for first rate quality in a tablet, this is not the one for you. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you have a little plan for a tablet and don't expect top dollar quality at this value, then it isn't a terrible speculation. I can't propose this specific tablet to everybody, except for my own particular easy utilize and excitement, I don't lament this buy.

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