Samsung Galaxy Note® Pro All about

Enjoy Your Media on a Big Screen

Whether you’re catching up on your favorite show or finishing a presentation, the 4 million pixels packed into the generous screen will make the experience that much better. With a screen this size, you’ll get the whole picture.
Samsung Galaxy Note® Pro 
Samsung Galaxy Note® Pro

More to See, Less to Carry

Not only is the Galaxy Note Pro large and clear for a superior reading, editing and viewing experience, but it’s also incredibly lightweight at just 1.70 pounds. It’ll go easily with you from your home to your office to your meeting without weighing you down.
Samsung Galaxy Note® Pro

See Important Information at a Glance

Today’s meeting notes, last night’s sports scores, the news you care about—content you want to keep up with is just a glance away on the content home screen. See what matters most, most conveniently.
Samsung Galaxy Note® Pro

Quadruple Your Efficiency

Use Multi Window to experience up to four different screen views at the same time. Plan a vacation by taking notes while video chatting with friends, and email directions while looking at a map, all at the same time.

Control Your TV

Samsung WatchON™ offers the ultimate TV viewing experience. From the Galaxy Note Pro, you can search, discover, explore and access movies and TV shows on demand. You can also start watching a video on your mobile device, then continue watching it on a compatible TV.
Samsung Galaxy Note® Pro

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