Google Nexus 9 Tablet review in berif

Google Nexus 9 Tablet review in berif

Google Nexus 9 one beast of a tablet, tamed by a FINALLY well polished 5.0 Lollipop OS. Is it a perfect tablet? I think you can find fault with any tablet, whether Apple or Android. But, the HTC Nexus 9 is BY FAR the closest anyone has gotten.

Much ado has been made about the i Pad Air 2, and rightfully so, although IOS 8 still has a few bugs to work out, so its inevitable that the Nexus 9 is going to be compared. Let's just cut to the chase. For me, at least, I can say something I never thought I'd be saying: I'll be returning my Air 2. Here's why:

Form Factor

The Google Nexus 9 got this just right. The switch to a 4:3 aspect and 8.9 inch screen puts it right in the sweet spot between the 7 inch tablets or the iPad mini series, both of which often had text just a little too small, and the 10.1 tablets or the full sized iPad, which offer a comfortable viewing experience while being considered just a bit cumbersome when considering portability. The 9 very nicely fits the Goldilocks space of being "just right". You get the 7 inch wide screen for movies AND the extra real estate of the 4:3 aspect for games, web surfing, and eBook reading. You get the best of both worlds while still being comfortable and well balanced for single hand use. The 9 just feels right!

Let's get Google Nexus 9 out of the way: the AMOLED screens in the Samsung S series tablets are unbeatable. There. But,I can absolutely say that the 9's screen is every bit as good as the Air 2 (with the exception of the Air's anti reflective coating), offering an identical resolution, but with higher DPI, giving the 9 the edge in sharpness. It's bright, bold, and beautiful, with a full color range that gives accurate representation while providing a nice "pop".

Nobody really expects much from a tablet as far as sound is concerned. With the exception of the Kindle HD 7, which had exceptional sound, tablets offered generally bland, tinny, unimpressive audio. Looking at the tiny slits of the front facing speakers of the 9, you'd expect more of the same. The reality is, however, not only impressive, but downright awesome sound that easily surpasses anything out there for tablets. Great high to mid tones. Does it lack bass? Absolutely. But it's the closest thing you'll get without turning to headphones. The aural experience of these speakers with the 5.1 Dolby surround turned on is not simply technically impressive; it genuinely adds immersiveness in watching movies. Extremely impressive. The 9's sound is really that good.


The i Pad build is unmatched...I won't make excuses here. But I can say that the Google Nexus 9 is well made, and the plastic back makes perfect sense to you when the NVIDIA K1 kicks into high gear. The upper left side, when in landscape, gets really warm. If they'd used an aluminum back, some would undoubtedly find the heat uncomfortable. Which brings us to:

Brace yourselves. Speed is coming. Three words: HOLY FREAKING' CRAP! 53,223 in An tutu? Are you kidding me?!? I briefly held the number 1 spot in the top 200 An tutu scores. By a wide margin. A very wide margin. What you get from all this power is silky sweet navigation, browsing, and absolutely killer gaming. Imagine yourself as a kid flopping belly first onto a Slip n Slide for the first time. That's what using the Nexus 9 feels like. But obviously, this is also probably due to the...

Operating System

Lollipop is GOOD. Very, very good. It is well polished, vastly more simplistic while also being far more capable than any previous Android version. How much better is it? Let's just say that you'll recognize the icons. That's where the familiarity ends. Put an R in front of evolutionary, and that will describe how much better Android 5.0 is. Google absolutely knocked this out of the park. And over the outfield bleachers. Into the parking lot. Where it broke the windshield of a car with an Apple logo on it.

Let's face it. 32 GB of storage barely cuts it anymore. I dearly wish that HTC and Google would have allowed micro SD expansion (a big plus that has always distinguished Android from Apple), or at LEAST dropped the 16 gig model and offered a 32 and 64 gig version instead. And that's honestly the only real criticism I have about this tablet.


Don't get me wrong... I'm not claiming that you'll find the HTC Nexus 9 to be better than the iPad Air 2. That's a matter of preference. What I am saying is that finally, FINALLY we have an unequivicable Android alternative that's every bit an equal, on virtually every level, that even the most dedicated Apple fanboi would have to begrudgingly acknowledge. Let me put it this way: I enjoy and use both Apple and Android. That's because each had something the other lacked. But, for the first time ever, I can finally return my iPad and feel like I'm not really missing out on anything.

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