Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet 2013 Mode review about

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet  2013 Mode review about

First off, to save yourself some time, if you have no intentions of using the stylus for taking notes or modifying photos then stop reading this right now. The stylus IS the reason this tablet costs more than the competition and in my opinion it's worth the price. Yes, there are more powerful tablets out there that are much cheaper but they don't have a stylus! This tablet is designed for the person who likes to read/write and/or do artwork/photo-shopping. If you don't need a stylus then you don't need to read this review (look at other products like the Nexus 7).

The Pros: 

Taking notes on this device is a dream (very precise, even for mathematicians)
-The hand-writing recognition feature is pretty darn accurate
-I can use Microsoft OneNote to take notes (yay!) See "comments" section for more info on this(page 2)
-Supports a 64GB micro-SD card (search Amazon for the Samsung card)
-The interface is snappy and the graphics are fluid (for the most part)
-Internet browsing and switching between programs is quick and smooth
-The device is easy to hold and is very lightweight
-The image quality is crisp, clear and bright
-Did I mention, I really love the pen and it's ability to glide across the screen effortlessly?
-The infrared remote feature is pretty slick and worked with my Panasonic T.V. without issue
-Comes with 50GB dropbox account (for storing and sharing files with others)
-Includes a $25 Google Play credit for downloading apps
-Very quick to charge (roughly 2 hours)
-Plastic finish is very slick and clean - Metal bends and scratches so pick your poison

The Cons:

-The price should be lowered by about $50 in my opinion because of the weak video card (see below)
-The device comes with Android 4.1.x and not 4.2.x (Samsung hasn't announced when they will release the "much improved" update)

The graphics card is kind of weak for playing graphic intensive games but this tablet isn't really meant for that. For example, I played "Real Racing 3" and my framerate was probably 20-30 FPS. Still playable but kind of choppy. Additionally, when I unlock the screen with the stylus, the "ink" effect can be sluggish at times with a noticeable frame rate drop. Maybe an update will fix this.

Overall: I bought this device to take notes and it does that VERY well. I can write complex math formulas and draw nearly anything I can think of without pixelation issues or accuracy problems. The stylus IS the reason to buy this tablet. Don't go off of the specs or other reviewers who have emotional feelings toward this device. If you're serious about taking notes (college students and corporate employees), reading e-books and playing the occasional YouTube videos and browsing the internet, you found your golden nugget. I did A LOT of research to find a replacement for my convertible-laptop (stylus enabled laptop) and I believe the Galaxy Note 8 was the right choice.

After thoughts: For what it's worth, you can go to Best Buy and purchase the tablet. If you think it's not right for you, you have 15 days to return it and get a 100% refund. If you're a "Silver" status member at Best Buy, you get 60 days to try it out. After using it for just one day, I'm sold on the device and plan on keeping it. Your mileage might very. But I believe the portability and the note taking features of this device far out-way the cons. Other reviewers compare this tablet to other tablets that don't even have a stylus. That's just not fair. That's like me comparing a wheel-chair (which has a specific purpose) to a bicycle (which has a different purpose). Yes, both will get you around but they are designed for specific needs and I personally feel that the Note 8 will satisfy those looking for a stylus enabled tablet at an affordable price.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet  2013 Mode review about

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet  2013 Mode review about

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet  2013 Mode photos

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